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•   Jennifer Shumway (Garrow) (1994)


•   Randi Gordon (DeGeorge) (1981)  5/17
•   Marlaine Schweers (DesChamps) (1974)  5/14
•   Scott Thompson (1987)  5/11
•   Miranda Luck Travell (2020)  5/11
•   Maureen Johnson (1973)  5/11
•   Rebecca Byrne (Byrne) (2000)  5/10
•   Maureen Johnson  5/10
•   Megan Sandoval (Bell) (2005)  5/10
•   Gary Beeble (Beeble) (1974)  5/6
•   Elaine Daley (DeCenzo) (2005)  5/6
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•   Tracey Barker (Burns) (1981)  2024
•   Terrance Fisher (1959)  2024
•   Carmen Fruscio (1947)  2024
•   Arthur Fruscio (1946)  1988
•   Brandon Ward (2005)  2024
•   Edna Jewett (Chura) (1958)  2024
•   Lillian Dix (Beaudoin) (1945)  2024
•   Jacquelyn Schlegel (1974)  2024
•   Mary Ann Bryant (Towne) (1955) 
•   Richard Denue (1955)  2024
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•   Janice Crudo (1976)  5/18
•   Fred Powers (1958)  5/18
•   Diane Shewczyk (Rentz) (1969)  5/18
•   John Twardowski (Twardowski) (1970)  5/18
•   Michele Caminiti (Moquin) (1984)  5/19
•   Andrew Cooper (Cooper) (2004)  5/19
•   Lauryn Kowalski (2000)  5/19
•   Linda Lewanick (Gorka-Baker) (1968)  5/20
•   Michael Manning (1981)  5/21
•   Chester Matthews (1962)  5/21
•   Kendra Shufelt (2011)  5/21
•   Rebecca A Sutherland (2000)  5/21
•   John Garrand (Garrand) (1997)  5/22
•   Angela Guilbeault (Koenig) (1992)  5/22
•   Drasana Johnson (2015)  5/22
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5 live in Alabama
1 lives in Alaska
9 live in Arizona
1 lives in Arkansas
21 live in California
7 live in Colorado
8 live in Connecticut
3 live in Delaware
82 live in Florida
9 live in Georgia
2 live in Illinois
1 lives in Indiana
2 live in Kansas
2 live in Kentucky
5 live in Louisiana
6 live in Maine
5 live in Maryland
22 live in Massachusetts
6 live in Michigan
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Mississippi
3 live in Missouri
2 live in Nevada
7 live in New Hampshire
5 live in New Jersey
3 live in New Mexico
874 live in New York
28 live in North Carolina
1 lives in North Dakota
7 live in Ohio
2 live in Oregon
7 live in Pennsylvania
2 live in Rhode Island
15 live in South Carolina
1 lives in South Dakota
9 live in Tennessee
13 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
3 live in Vermont
14 live in Virginia
1 lives in Washington
1 lives in West Virginia
2 live in British Columbia
1 lives in Ontario
2 live in Afghanistan
1 lives in Czech Republic
1 lives in Italy
1 lives in Japan
1 lives in Mexico
1 lives in Philippines
1 lives in Poland
1 lives in Serbia
1 lives in United Kingdom
8,927 location unknown
815 are deceased


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Watervliet High School Class of 1994 30th Reunion, August 10th.

The Class of 1994 invites you to celebrate our 30-year high school reunion. We’re hoping many of you will join us. The event will take place at the location of our 20th - the American Legion in Green Island (35 Cohoes Ave, Green Island, NY 12183).

We will have salads, platters, and family-style trays of food along with a cake created by our very talented alumna, Kari DeCrescenzo. Open bar will run for a limited time that will then switch to a cash bar. A DJ will be provided to get all of us (or some, if you're shy). Casual dress.

Music provided by Terrance Walco.

Ticket price TBD. We have a website to learn more about the event and register your profile. The website also has a Contact section to send questions or other inquiries.

Registering your profile will help us get a ballpark number of attendants, so we can set a ticket price.

You may also contact Angela (Ferrannini) Nielsen ( for further information.


Welcome to the updated Watervliet New York Classes of 1930 – 2023 Homepage. This site was started on January 15, 2011, and has been visited well over 185,000 times by alumni, staff and teachers. It is intended to provide a safe digital platform for members to connect with each other. 

Using the “Member Functions” on the Homepage menu bar, members have access to all registered users in all classes. We continue to add users and ask that you assist us by inviting fellow classmates to join. 

We have also made a concerted effort to update our “In Memoriam” page to acknowledge the passing of many of our alumni, teachers and staff.  Your assistance with this information would be greatly appreciated.  

As we continue to update our information, we are pleased to work cooperatively with the Watervliet Historical Society and Museum.  We recognize the historical significance of the information that is contained on the site and the living time capsule it provides. ( 

Join Us

To join you only need to find your name in the “Class Lists” section on this Homepage. Assuming the information that you give appears valid you will be approved by the website administration.  This will allow you to develop a profile and give you access to the website.  We urge you to utilize the website to contact your alumni friends.  It would be helpful if you included your email address in your personal profile. 

Sponsor Your Alumni Website

We are now inviting both businesses and individual alumni to help sponsor and fund the WHS Alumni Website. Approved sponsors will be acknowledged in a separate section on this Homepage. If you are interested in sponsoring and helping fund our Alumni Website, please click on the “Sponsor Our Site” option in the menu bar on the left.

Contact Us 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have with the website.   We sincerely hope you enjoy the WHS Alumni Website and use it to share upcoming events, contact alumni friends, and to stay in touch with the WHS community.  Help it to grow by sharing it with others.  

Please feel free to contact any of the following website administrators for further assistance:  

Bob Christiansen: 

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