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11/15/14 08:54 AM #31    

Gary Nicklaus (1964)

Was it Red Seven or Red Feather?

11/15/14 07:19 PM #32    

Kathryn Murphy (Fredette) (1961)


I'm changing the subject of Pubs for a moment.  I've been there a plan to add yearbook photos to the class lists?  I think many of us remember names, but may be having difficulty putting a face to that name.  Yearbook photos would be most helpful.  It may lead to grads submitting more recent photos...a great way to keep in touch.


Kathi (Murphy) Fredette - Class of 1961


11/15/14 09:42 PM #33    

Richard Holmes

Was it the Lucky Seven?


11/16/14 06:42 AM #34    

Robert Christiansen (1963)


It's a great idea to add yearbook photos to the names.  I think one of the difficulties is the tremendous amount of time and effort to a. get all the yearbooks; b. take photos of all graduates, and c. insert each into individual profiles.  Along with this it's probably a good idea to get permission from each person.  There are over 9000 alumni names that have been included on the alumni website.  If we can get more help it may be possible.  Again, it's a wonderful idea.  

Bob Christiansen

WHS Alumni Website Team Administrator

11/17/14 01:50 PM #35    

Catherine Farrell (Burns) (1975)

Mr C. I would be willing to help with task.

11/17/14 02:57 PM #36    

Robert Christiansen (1963)

Thanks for volunteering to help, Cathy.  I'll talk to the other administrators and get back to you.  We all appreciate the offer and certainly can use some help.  Happy Holidays.

11/18/14 03:25 PM #37    

Carolyn Riley (Tisdale) (1963)

From the desk of "what it's worth department: I think it's a good idea. ..

11/19/14 07:46 AM #38    

Rob Razzano (1963)

Bob....Why not ask everyone on this site to submit their own senior photo....if they have one...that way the administrators won't have to search all those yearbooks for the photos. I don't know how that will work out add the photo next to the person's name....but I think that will save a lot of searching.

11/20/14 06:46 AM #39    

Robert Christiansen (1963)

Great idea, Rob.  Maybe you can reinforce that idea on FB.  Put on a statement getting folks to use the website, updating their profile and adding photos.  I'll do the same.   At least it's a start.

So are you back in Vliet for good?   Maybe we can get together to discuss some ideas to get the website used more. 


11/20/14 05:27 PM #40    

Carolyn Riley (Tisdale) (1963)

What happens if you don't have one.? ???

11/21/14 03:41 PM #41    

Joann Wheatley (Dickinson) (1968)

across from RR restaurant on Broadway was Carmen Goody's car sales.  My dad worked there and we lived upstairs.  Also Brownie's motorcycle shop was next to Schillingers.

11/22/14 08:33 AM #42    

Gary Nicklaus (1964)

Joann - I remember Carmen Goody's and also your dad.  I also remember when you lived upstairs.  There was one of the original Stewarts stores just down from the auto dealership.  Loved their make-your-own sundaes.  I believe Carmen Goody sold Plymouth/DeSotos


11/22/14 02:40 PM #43    

Patricia Costantino (Crogan) (1966)

When we missed the school bus, we walked down 19th Street, and caught the Albany, Troy, Watervliet bus right in front of the RR&S.  Quite a long walk down that hill!!


11/23/14 01:56 PM #44    

Alison Reid (Sherwood) (1967)

Living in Port Schyler had its good points however the downfall was missing the bus (agree Patricia) especially on a snowy cold day- in those days we had to wear skirts.   Many frost bite days on my knees- they still feel the cold and carrying your books (no backpack then).  It was a long walk up and down.  Of course in the summer I walked from home to school to play tennis or hang out and did not mind. 


11/23/14 02:29 PM #45    

Ronald Dunbar (1970)

If you missed the bus at the school, why didn't you catch the 12th Avenue bus and transfer to the ATW at Broadway?

I dont know who posted the above but: I did. Heck I knew practically every driver that worked for that division since my father worked there. Ed McManus usually drove the 12th Ave bus. He was the grouchiest of all. Sometimes I decided to walk

03/10/15 09:37 PM #46    

Robert Butler (1964)

Class of '64 is having a get-together this Fri. 3/13 @ Valenti's in V'liet if anyone is interested...4 PM

03/11/15 03:28 PM #47    

George Smith (1974)

Bob, I'm sure my brother Earl would like to see some pic's. If you take a few could you forward them to me @ ?

Thanks....He is now in Rhode Island but confined to a wheelchair.

03/12/15 08:43 AM #48    

Jerry Kelso (1968)

Hey Bob and class of '64, enjoy you get together Friday night at Valenti's! Say hello to my granddaughter Katrina, she works there! It's great you guys are getting together!

Mary Ann and Jerry Kelso

03/13/15 12:55 PM #49    

Robert Butler (1964)

I'll tell them about Earl..Sorry to hear it..I''ll send some pics. And Jerry, I'll look her up and say Hi for ya..No problem guys..Glad to do it.

09/10/19 11:26 AM #50    

Joanne Tiro (Netzer) (1967)

This has not been a good year for me. In March I had a seizure, could not drive for 6 months.  Now that I can drive I had surgery on my right foot for tendon issues no longer can drive until I go back to the doctor, had to have a new septic, then a new roof on my motorhome.  My brother Walter J Tiro,  had surgery for a massive tumor in his brain tumor.  Hopefully, he recovers

09/11/19 11:36 AM #51    

Mary Mokay (Severance) (1968)

I am so very sorry to hear about your issues and that of your brother. I will keep you in my thoughts & sending healing prayers to both of you.

12/01/21 01:05 PM #52    

Robert Matthews (1974)

Does anyone on here know where Howard DuQuette is these days? He was in the class of '74.

02/19/22 09:25 AM #53    

Paul Rogers (1971)

Paul Rogers (1971)Its been quit awhile since I last saw and spoke with many from my yrs at WHS. I justjoined this WHS home page . I have always had a warm spot in my heart for WHS. Followed the mens B ball program for yrs. attended games over the yrs. I just reconnected with a few people. Charlie petricelli, Tony Razzano. Like to find out how Jim Delsignore, Jim Coony and Jimmy Collette are doing these days . I recall stopping at Verni,s diner on way to school everyday. playing pinball and hangingout in the parking lot evenings. But playing Basketball at clinton, and other parks was a experince. Plus the civic center ah those were carefree days.

02/19/22 07:32 PM #54    

Robert Christiansen (1963)

Hey Paul,  glad to see you got into website.  Sorry I didn't get back to you.  Both times you called it was tough talking to you.  Let us know 8f we can be of any help.


05/27/22 04:08 PM #55    

Chris Meyer (Piel) (1979)

Have you heard, our classmate/ alumni needs a hand.    Please help if you can Bob Treacy   Class of 1978



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