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06/19/13 05:19 PM #2    


Diane Knapp (D'Alessio) (1965)

thank you for the "strolls" many memories   Watervliet was a great place to grow up about a 25th st stroll?

06/21/13 08:05 AM #3    

William LaBarge (1966)

Bob Butler's videos are a treasure for those of us who grew up and Vliet and try to remember what it was like.  Most of us were blessed by having the great childhood that we had, in a wonderful city.....  THANKS BOBcool

06/24/13 12:19 PM #4    


Diane Knapp (D'Alessio) (1965)

I have a picture album I made of Watervliet....I have no  idea of how to put it on line. ..  anyone have any ideas?

06/25/13 09:05 PM #5    

Robert Christiansen (1963)

Under member functions on the left go to edit/upload photos.

06/26/13 07:18 AM #6    

Robert Christiansen (1963)

Diane,  Once you post the album an administrator will approve it.  Let us know if you have any further problems.

06/28/13 09:02 AM #7    


Diane Knapp (D'Alessio) (1965)

Thanks Bob, I'll be in Watervliet next week (where I left album) and will try that....will notify you if I have any problems

06/28/13 10:25 AM #8    

Robert Christiansen (1963)

Sounds good. have a nice weekend.  



07/27/13 12:27 AM #9    

Thomas M Riley Sr (1957)

Watervliet ( Vliet ) was a great place to grow up with so many friends. Going to the high school was the best, so many good times. My child hood days where growing up living in the Carrol row on 13th street.Then moving to third ave between 13th and 14th, after my parents bought our home. After getting married we lived on eighth ave. for a while then moved to 16th street, then a short stay in North Adams Mass with my job and we returned to Vliet and purchased our home on sixteenth street where we raised our six children. Tom Jr. , Mike, Mary, Lisa, Paul and Kristin. We had so many good times on sixteen street. It was a great place to live. As the children got married and moved away, and after the passing of my wife ( DOT ). I sold the house and moved to Green Island for two years and now live in Rensselaer. But i will cherrish and remember Vliet always.It may have changed some, but you can never take away the memories of the great city of Watervliet that we all cherish. Tom Riley Sr.

02/16/14 06:41 AM #10    


Scott Burke (1979)

Good morning, friends :

Our new group called Partners to Support Watervliet City Schools has a brand new Facebook page. Please visit it and join our group. We are trying to improve the school district. Thank you, Scott

10/14/14 11:21 AM #11    

Donald Mein (1965)

Thanks for the strolls, they bring back many memories.

10/14/14 03:28 PM #12    


Christopher Chartrand (1979)

Hey I was looking at the Portschuyler Stroll by Bobby Butler. A lot of cool memories, thank's Bob. I was recently there a couple weeks ago. I stopped into my classmate, Pat Donlon's Pub, what use to be Bee Cee's. There are people working outside that site in the Pictoral. I may stop in again soon. You know, he played drums with me a few years ago at our 30th reunion. I'd like to get a gig there just to have a chance where old friends & classmates could come in, and see what I am up to in music after all these years. It could be a great  time. Perhaps even Pat will come set up his drums and play a with me. Now wouldn't that be fun? 

Christopher Chartrand '79

10/17/14 10:33 AM #13    

Elaine Mroz (Manderville) (1945)

Dear Mr. Butler,

Dan and I enjoy your "Strolls" but we are having a hard time with the 19th St. Stroll.  The information posted indicates that "that stroll is unavailabe in this country". We live in Florida!!  Hopefully.....that will clear and we will be able to view it.  Thanks so much ...

Elaine Mroz Manderville

10/18/14 02:41 PM #14    

Robert Butler (1964)

I"ve had a bunch of the same complaints with that one.. I think I'll have to delete it from YouTube and try uploading it again..I don't understand it, I see it everytime I click on it..

10/18/14 04:12 PM #15    

Carol Savage (Aussicker) (1962)

Bob......your strolls are fantastic!  If my memory is correct, I believe the NW corner of 15th St. and Broadway (opposite City Hall) housed the old K & K Kitchen.......I'm picturing a light  green building. ?   I think Railroad & Steamship was a little further north......maybe in the area of where the overpass is located for the new "Congress Street" bridge.  But...can't always trust my "memory" either.  ;-)

10/19/14 02:57 PM #16    

Ronald Dunbar (1970)

The Railroad and Steamship was located in the same area as the former Price Chopper

10/20/14 08:10 AM #17    

Sandra LaBarge (LaBarge-Neumann) (1971)

We lived at 139 16th street,  across from where the McDonalds is now. There was an alley on the side of our house that went parallel to Broadway and it came out at the RR&S' back door. It was on Braodway, sideways across a different (perpendicular) alley from D'Allasando's furrier and diner. Price chopper is exactly where the old Central Market was- across a parking lot that went from the back of the RR&S to the Central.  The Central fronted onto 2nd Ave and was almost to the Congress Street Bridge.  There was a gas station between it and the bridge- I think was that Hayes's- anyway, that was how I remember it. My sibs were older and if they're on this forum could add more. 

I just re-read this and it makes me sound like an old geezer. Sheesh..... "When I was a kid..."


10/20/14 12:33 PM #18    

Sharon Whitehead (Collen) (1969)


10/20/14 01:16 PM #19    

Robert Butler (1964)

Sherlocks was on the corner of 16th st.

10/20/14 01:27 PM #20    

Alison Reid (Sherwood) (1967)

Bob and old folks from Watervliet- thanks for the Videos Bob- I am also uable to get the 19th st stroll - as others it states can not be video out of country - of course I am out of country just a neighbor Canada- glad to hear that it is not my country problem.  Look forward to the eventual fix.  You have done a great job Bob with your videos- for those of us who are away it is a great memory of the past.  So many places I remember in my head but not the names.  Hope I make it to my 50th reunion ( 1967 graduate) - have not been to one yet.

Remember the picture above- thanks


10/20/14 04:35 PM #21    

Catherine Farrell (Burns) (1975)

Sherlocks was on corner of 16th and Broadway.
Great 1/2 and 1/2 sandwiches! We weren't allowed in as kids.
My mother would send us up first ave to get my father
from the bar. We would stand outside, open the door and try to
get his attention and tell him to come home.

10/21/14 01:35 PM #22    

Frank O'Neil (1968)

RRandS was where laundry is now,worked there.

11/10/14 11:14 AM #23    

Sharon Carr (Miller) (1967)

Great job, Bob.  Wasn't it the Lucky 13 on the corner of Broadway and 13th Street?  And the RR&S on 16th and Broadway.  Thanks for the memories.

Sharon Carr Miller

11/11/14 09:37 AM #24    

Cheryl Miller (Baker) (1980)

Sharon, it was Ziggy's bar by 13th and B'way (at least that was the bars name when I lived in the city). The Lucky 13 was up on 7th Ave and 13th St, cause I lived on 6th & 13th.

11/11/14 02:25 PM #25    

Carolyn Riley (Tisdale) (1963)

Bob, thanks from your wonderful trips down memory lane.

11/11/14 04:33 PM #26    

Robert Butler (1964)

Correct, Ziggy's. Formally Tips I believe was at 1313 Broadway a couple houses from the corner of 12th. Lucky 13 used to be Shilliingers @ 13th & 7th

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